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However, we never.Why Andrea Yates Is Guilty Term Paper.

Profile of Andrea Yates goes into much more depth on her life before she murdered her children. In the Minds on Trial book many of the people who commented at the beginning of the book state that Andrea may have killed her children to get back at her husband for making her have so many kids, but in this article is describes both of them wanting to have as many children as they can have it was their quest. The article Profile Andrea Yates mentions she had a miscarriage around 1996 which was not mentioned in the Minds on Trial book. The life Andrea had given up because of the families constant moving due to wanting to live in a mobile home did much damage to Andrea, but it mentions in this article that they got a new house and she started getting her old life back that she threw away to take care of the kids and father, but her father is not mentioned in this article, for only a short period of time then her behavior began to change once again for the worse this time.

The article above gives a brief description of what Andrea and Russell are like ten years after the horrible day of their children being murdered. She has been found not guilty due to insanity and is possibly going to be able to have a pass to leave the hospital to attend church for two hours. Parnham in this article states “I think she’s ready for outpatient care” only ten years after she had committed the horrible crime she did. This article also gives a little information on Russell Yates who is remarried and has a son and in this article it states he does not blame Andrea for killing their children it was the illness.

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The case of Andrea Yates | Assignment Essays

I’m listing some questions I’d like you to think about and answer as part of your Case Study #3 submission.

There were many psychological characteristics and elements that were evident in Andrea Yates’ case, including both post-partum depression and psychosis. Andrea experienced delusions, both visual and auditory, that involved Satan, her strange infatuation with religion, and the use of a knife to kill someone. Yates began experiencing the depression and continued in a downward spiral after the birth of her first child. She was hospitalized for attempting to commit suicide twice, and she was put on strong antipsychotics and antidepressants to help eliminate some of the symptoms she was experiencing. Many professionals believed that much of this was brought on because of the fact that Andrea was going through some very stressful situations in life, including dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s and eventual death, being lonely and socially isolated at home, and having so many children within such a short period of time. Some doctors even questioned whether or not she had schizophrenia. Whatever Andrea was going through, the crucial question that people wanted answered focused on whether or not she had known what she was doing and the repercussions she would face while she was murdering her five children, or if she could be considered insane. It was obvious to everyone that Yates did suffer from a mental illness, but many held the belief that she knew what she was doing throughout the act of drowning her kids.

While the Minds On Trail text describes that Yates drowned her children, it does not go into much detail about the drowning or the analysis of the corpses. This article describes the bodies & the damage done in depth with “deep internal bruising, abrasions, nail scratches, round focal bruises around joints,” and swollen brains that were so filled with fluid that they were almost the size of a full adult brain.

evaluate the ultimate guilty verdict in the case of Andrea Yates ..

The following are three things that I found through the internet about Andrea’s case that I didn’t know after reading what was available in the book.
First, I found out that Andrea also took on the job of homeschooling her children as well. So on top of all that she was dealing with she also had to take the responsibility of teaching them during the days as well. This might be another factor that could have been looked at in the trial

Second, I learned that when Andrea confessed to the murder of her children she said it was because she had failed to them as a mother, she didn’t mention at that time the real reasons in her head for killing the children.

Lastly, something else I learned was that after the crime Russell Yates went on to try and divorce her same time the crime was going on.I feel like this probably had an impact on the trial as well. He also had consistent views against the death penalty before Andrea had committed the crime as well.

Search the In a televised statement this morning her husband Russell Yates says that Andrea appeared.ANDREA YATES: LEGALLY INSANE?

My summary and thoughts regarding Chapter 6 of A People's History of the United States, Andrea Yates on 7 April.
ANDREA YATES AND THE "CHRISTIAN CONNECTION": I strongly suspect , or rather, anticipate that many critics of this book, thesis about Andrea's mental state.
Andrea Yates and Postpartum Psychosis.

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Andrea Yates Case Analysis In June 2001 in the state ..

The Sad Case of Andrea Yates Essay - 955 Words

term papers, PowerPoint, dissertation, thesis, general file or research paper titled "ANDREA YATES: LEGALLY INSANE?".
Review of the Andrea Yates Criminal Case Malinda Hoskins-Lewis CRJ308 Instructor Cross August 28, 2013 I.

The Sad Case of Andrea Yates Pamela Elliott Abnormal ..

Originally found guilty in the courts, Yates was retried and found “not guilty by reason of insanity.” She was to be committed to a mental hospital for treatment.
Research the Andrea Yates cases and the use of the “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea in the justice system.

Essay about Andrea Yates Case - 691 Words - StudyMode

Introduction Thesis.
Read this essay on John Wayne Jeffery McDonald, Andrea Yates, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
Andrea Yates Criminal Case: The Psychological Theory of Crime Introduction “Andrea Pia Yates, high school valedictorian, swim team champion, college graduate.
A Selection Above internet cafe time monitoring system thesis following command in terminal, essay on andrea yates.

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This is a discussion I am working on a persuasive essay and I am having trouble getting my thesis to sound Andrea Yates was found not guilty.
Motherhood On Trial: The American Media's Reception of the Filicide Cases of Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, and Casey Anthony Mereth Pauline von Salomon.
Andrea Yates Magister Artium (Master of Arts) (The University of Cologne, in particular on the Mesolithic period and produced my Master’s Thesis on this topic.
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The case of Andrea Yates made the headlines in 2001 and continues ..

What psychological characteristics were evident in Andrea Yates' case? Describe those characteristics and how they related to her competence/sanity.

Andrea Yates Murder Case | Insanity Defense | …

True crime author Suzy Spencer’s Breaking Point was initially published just after the murders, when media scrutiny of the Andrea Yates case was at its most intense. In 2002, Yates was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison—though many in her home state of Texas called for her to get the death penalty. But in 2006, she won her appeal and received a second trial; this time, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and now resides in .

Case Analysis of Andrea Yates essay on Essay Tree

What psychological characteristics were evident in Andrea Yates' case? Describe those characteristics and how they related to her competence/sanity.

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