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Many health-related processes stand to be reshaped by the Internet

Trainees emerging from proposed masters, doctoral and postdoctoral programs should be able to conduct original basic or applied research at the intersection of computer, statistical and information sciences with one or more biomedical applications. Successful trainees from these programs should be prepared for research roles in African institutions. This initiative is not intended to prepare trainees for careers primarily focused on the planning, deployment, maintenance, or administration of computer systems in health care, public health, medical education or research. The emphasis in this program is on the development of trainee capabilities to pursue new knowledge that advances biomedical research, bioinformatics and data science.

Proposed training in a core curriculum for research masters' and doctoral degrees should include bioinformatics and data science principles and concepts, quantitative methods, such as biostatistics and applied mathematics, concepts of computer science, engineering, information sciences and/or other relevant fields. Special emphasis should be given to instruction in the design of rigorous, reproducible research studies in bioinformatics and data science related to genomics research. This core curriculum may be supplemented by other relevant courses and research experience in one or more biomedical applications so that trainees acquire an appropriate depth of knowledge to pursue meaningful global health research in areas such as mining of large scale genome-phenome datasets, intelligent tools for curation, visualization and analysis of biomedical big data, precision medicine, biomedical big data analytics, biostatistics, in-silico trials, merging and mining large disparate data sets that mix images, text and data.

Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and sensor web …

The World's Best GoFundMe Involves Poop, Firemen, …

Health information relating to Virginia.

A study to determine the attitudes of Registered Nurses towards the use of computers in the hospital setting as a predictor of their future behavior based on the theory of Planned Behavior with nine different indices namely, behavioural intention towards computer use, general attitudes toward computer use, nursing attitudes toward computer use, threat involved in computer use, challenge involved in computer use, organizational climate, departmental climate, attraction to technological innovations/innovativeness and self-efficacy has shown that the threat and challenge that are involved in computer use are mediating variables to the understanding of the process of predicting attitudes and intentions of nurses in using computers (Shoham and Gonen, 2008). A study to assess the community hospital nurses' use of electronic health records and views of the impact of such records on job performance and patient outcomes has shown that nurses prefer electronic records to paper charts and are comfortable with technology (Kossman and Scheidenhelm, 2008).

Providing the next generation of African researchers with opportunities in genomics. Establishing the next generation of African researchers to take advantage of genomic approaches to health research is a primary objective of the H3Africa program. H3Africa projects provide a variety of career enhancement opportunities for students, such as attending seminars and scientific meetings, writing papers, and giving talks. Long-term sustainability and institutional/governmental commitments to research education programs and independent career opportunities are objectives of H3Africa.

PA-07-243: AHRQ Health Services Research (R01)

6. Effects of information technology applications in primary care practice, such as computerized decision-support systems, remote monitoring of patient conditions, and electronically secure exchange of patient health data, on access to care and the costs and quality of health care.

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Children’s health care research raises some distinct methodological issues that studies are encouraged to address. These include: the need for a development perspective that takes into account the variation and rapid changes in development that are characteristic of children, especially in the neonatal, infancy, early childhood, and adolescent periods, the need for considering a range of perspectives (e.g., child, family, community, society at large), the fact that children generally are much more resilient physically than are older individuals, the need to identify large sample sizes for research with children with specific conditions and/or specific developmental stages, the need to consider the child-relevant range of health care topics (e.g., preventive services through end of life care) and health care settings (including community health clinics, school and other community-based health care delivery sites, ancillary services, as well as health care settings such as community-based offices and hospital inpatient and emergency departments), the fact that many children live in poverty, the need to consider in more detail long-term outcomes and the need for longitudinal research, and ethical issues surrounding the delivery of health care to children (e.g., to adolescents).

Applications with innovative and efficient research designs that can address these child-relevant issues are encouraged. Specific research interests include:

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Duke MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The purpose of this FOA is to invite applications to support bioinformatics research training programs at African institutions in low or middle income countries (LMICs) that will address the need for advanced bioinformatics and data science research expertise in the H3Africa Consortium. African LMIC applicant institutions with significant genomics research capacity (documented by genomics research funding and publications) may propose bioinformatics research training programs. The program proposed should aim to coalesce and create the leadership, interdisciplinary approaches and mentorship necessary to create a sustainable bioinformatics research training program relevant to global health research for the African continent. Each award will support interdisciplinary training to develop bioinformatics scientists capable of leading or participating in integrative, team approaches to significant global health problems. Programs may involve faculty and trainees with backgrounds in informatics, biology, medicine, computer science, statistics, engineering and mathematics. The training program should provide:

Watch a demo a prototype application of assistive AI for cancer ..

Global health research is increasingly utilizing genomic approaches (e.g. GWAS, whole genome sequencing, epigenomic mapping, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics), computational structure determination of proteins and other biochemical entities and digital image, phenotype and clinical record analysis that generate enormous amounts of data. Bioinformatics expertise is essential to develop new methods to manage large datasets, databases and pipelines for analysis as well as apply computational methodologies to visualize data and solve biological questions related to disease pathogenesis, transmission, prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

Leading innovation in AI to improve citizen health

This NIH Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), supported by funds from the NIH Common Fund (), invites applications to support bioinformatics research training programs at low or middle income (LMIC) African country institutions with significant genomics research capacity. African applicants may propose graduate degree and long term postdoctoral bioinformatics research training in collaboration with other African or high income country (HIC) collaborators. It is expected that these training programs will address the need for bioinformatics research expertise in the H3Africa Consortium and result in sustainable centers of bioinformatics research training relevant to global health research for the African continent.

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I believe education is not only for the mind, but it is also for the hands and heart. Living and studying in a diverse, intellectually rigorous, yet engaging environment at Duke University, is an opportunity for me to explore different activities, which will develop me as an individual. The knowledge that I will receive, as well as the ability to interact with other students of different ideologies, will give me the critical thinking skills which are essential to the implementation of my future goal of building homes for orphans in my community. I am currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with the goal of going back to Zimbabwe and empowering the youth in my community to have an interest in technology through the establishment of youth training programs. The aim of these programs will be to develop an interest in technology, increase people’s skills and livelihood chances and self reliance, especially for the women of my community. Apart from computers, I enjoy theatre and music. It is my ambition to create animated cartoons in the future. My long-term goal is to provide direct relief to those who need it most in my community. After my education at Duke, I will be better able to assist the orphans and street children in Zimbabwe, by providing them with a shelter and free education through networking with existing establishments in Zimbabwe and creating partnerships which will make the services of the orphanages more effective for the children. This is something I am passionate about not only because of the alarming rise in the number of street children in my community, but also due to my past experiences.

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