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Once more, we can learn a bit from word origins. The word origin for "role," it is thought, came from the fact that actors in the 1600's were handed a "roll" of paper with their script for being a character a play. In other words, one's "role" is the part played by a person in life, as one dictionary puts it. Again, this may work for something as simple as measuring the impact of car accidents. But when it comes to measuring mental and emotional well being, shouldn't we have a measure of the number of days in one's life that one fulfills the role one has written for one's self? How many days are we living the life of our dreams?

Another important text, the Smriti, is orally preserved but has
Strong>Pain Management: Alternative Therapy The term ''alternative therapy'' generally is used to one of the main uses of acupuncture is for pain relief ederation said, "The ban made little difference to the number of guns in the hands of criminals, and the underground supply of guns was not affected at all.

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Term Paper Alternatives: Ideas for Information-Based Assignments

In this case, and for the purpose of this paper, the comparative research is suggested to be used in corrections on a global scale....

Variations or Add-On:
Locate a film which was adapted from a book or a play. Compare the film to its original source. (The instructor may wish to provide students with targeted criteria for evaluation.)

Places a book/film in its intellectual context and communicates that ideas and publications exist within dialogues among their authors. Encourages synthesis and critical analysis of multiple information resources.

Examine Coverage [across Disciplines] of a Controversial Issue or Event
Assignment: Examine the treatment of a controversial issue or event in several sources. Consult resources such as newspapers, editorials, magazines, websites, and scholarly journals from different disciplines. Compare and contrast each resource’s use of documentation, viewpoint, audience, objectivity, and quality of argument.

After all, English is a living language that changes. Back when psychiatrist Loren Mosher created a model alternatives, "Soteria House," the idea of a peer was just about anyone who did not have mental health training. In other words, a caring member of the general public was considered a "peer." But more and more, we are hearing the term "peer" somehow become used as shorthand for "person who has used officially licensed mental health services."


Morris, being more laid back coming from a laid back atmosphere, clearly made like a squa

Free alternative medicine papers, essays, and research papersStrong>Pain Management: Alternative Therapy The term ''alternative therapy'' generally is used to one of the main uses of acupuncture is for pain relief The human race has evolved over time, allowing for many changes to occur to the body both physically and mentally.

Treatment The focus of this paper is incarceration versus treatment of low level drug offenders in California.

Any discussion of the language of madness needs to include a mention of how Martin Luther King, Jr., in over ten of his speeches and essays, said he was proud to be psychologically "." It is highly recommended that everyone who cares about change in the mental health system become familiar with Martin Luther King's use of this term "maladjusted." For at least a decade, he said in a variety of ways, "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." In fact, he even repeatedly said the world was in dire need of a new organization, the "International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment" ().

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Variations: The assignment can be limited to one or two articles, or it can be more extensive. The activity gains interest if several people research the same event in different sources and compare the newspaper stories that result.

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Purpose: Develops the student’s ability to use a variety of sources to obtain information about a period of history.

Write a Newspaper Article
Assignment: Conduct research on a particular event (e.g., political, social, cultural). Then write a newspaper story which is based on your research and that describes the event.

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Purpose: Encourages critical reading and develops research skills. Provides practice in applying principles of citation style.

Evaluate a Research Report
Assignment: Locate a research paper relevant to the given field of study. Examine the study’s experimental design, data, and interpretation of the data for adequacy and consistency. (The instructor may wish to hand out targeted questions which pinpoint specific aspects of the article.)

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: In groups of 3-5, have students examine pairs of items (books, articles, web sites) to determine indicators of quality in each item, where exactly they found those indicators, and the appropriate use for each item. Have them report their findings to the class after the class has also had a chance to evaluate the sites.

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In researching this topic I must keep in mind a warning as told by Keith Hopkins: ?We are dealing here, not with individual sadistic psychopathology, but with a deep cultural diffe
Acupuncture is often seen as a form of complementary or alternative medicine compared with other treatments Acupuncture medicine acupuncture,Nursing care is the key to safe pain relief and optimal wound healing which may provide adequate pain relief at and pain, and what this means to any American and British citizens have been making cracks at each other's lifestyles for decades now, with neither side really understanding why they live the

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Purpose: Students develop a greater awareness of differences and similarities between print and online resources, as well as a heightened sensitivity to evaluative criteria for such sources.

Create a Web-Based Information Source
Assignment: Create a web page on a narrow topic relevant to the course. Begin by conducting research that informs development of the web page content. Then write an introduction to the topic and include links to major sites, e-journals, discussion lists, and newsgroups. Write a brief paper explaining your choice of sites included on the website. (The instructor may also want students to include a brief bibliography of important print resources available in the library.)

Free term paper on Alternatives to Internal-Combustion Engines

Purpose: Helps students learn to use appropriate criteria when evaluating web sites. Provides practice in academic citation.

Comparing Print and Web Resources
Assignment: In groups of 3-5, examine one print resource (e.g., book, print journal) and one online resource (e.g., web site, online journal). Determine indicators of quality for each item, where exactly you found those indicators, and the appropriate use for each resource. In your evaluation note similarities and distinctions between the print and the online materials. Compare these sources in terms of your evaluative process of them, their quality, and the appropriate uses of the sources. Report on your findings to the class after everyone has also evaluated the sites.

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