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Marking Sheet by rolffantom - Teaching Resources - Tes

I do think that this programme would be of interest to new teachers at my school. It would also be of interest to older teachers too who may have become a little "tired" in their marking. I think it could open up some discussion and lead to new ideas being tried out.

I would suggest varying the type of homework which will have to be marked. Some tasks eg true / false or multiple choice can be very quickly marked. A piece of writing will take longer and therefore should be set and taken in when the teacher knows they will have time to mark it. Tell the pupils beforehand what you will be marking eg verbs, opinions, content, connectives or combinations of these or similar points.

You can download a  copy of the Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows right now.

To trust or not to trust?—teacher marking versus …

Full marks: Teacher workload and marking policies - NAHT

Like the tree in the forest that falls when no one hears it when a kid writes a piece of work for you to read, and you do not read it, it is, to them, like they haven’t written it at all.'
Phil Beadle
How to Teach

Phil Beadle
How to Teach

You can turn up hungover every morning, wearing the same creased pair of Farahs as last week, with hair that looks like a bird has slept in it, then spend most of the lesson talking at kids about how wonderful your are; but mark their books with dedication and rigour and your class will fly.

"Whitmore is an outstanding school...

I think this would be worthwhile watching for anyone new to teaching, it offers a variety of strategies to ease the load of marking. I particularly agree with the suggestion that children should be assessed on their efforts as a regular feature as well as attainment, so that they feel encouraged.

Teachers 'wasting time on marking in coloured pens ..

I think the programme could be good for new teachers as an overview, but there wasn't really anything there that was new. However, knowing that it is OK to be more selective about what you mark was reassurring. I think though that the most important aspect is for children to be perfectly clear about what it is you will be marking when you look at their work. Making irrelevant comments about punctuation when the lesson was on figuartive language for example would be inappropriate. More emphasis should have been on the feedback aspect of marking rather than on using things like stickers and stamps to save time, which actually deter from focussing on the learning process and put too much emphasis on the performance.

Teachers banned from marking in red | Daily Mail Online

Most teachers use a correction code when they mark written work so that the student can do some self-correction. You can devise your own symbols but this table shows some possibilities.

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Writing Marking Symbols - Busy Teacher

Finally Miranda calls Phil Hyde, an MFL advanced skills teacher in Lancashire, for some final tips on ploughing through the marking. He says she should set out clear criteria for students' tasks and focus only on those criteria.

Teachers shouldn't use red coloured pens to mark …

F. A. Peter-Thomas
To reduce the stress involved in marking maths exercise, only textbooks with answers should be used. I can almost feel the groan and protest from my colleagues, but wait a minute, let me explain.
To be physically fit, doctors advice regular exercise. Similarly to be 'mathematically fit' ALL excercise in the recommended textbooks should be completed by students. The exercises are ussually arranged in a heirachical order to unfold a concept in maths. If one or two of these exercises are skipped, then the 'story line' has been tanpered with and it is difficult for the message to cut accross. This is why the main job of the teacher is to discuss fully the concept involved, then sit with them to go through the excercise that follows in a heirachical order, to illustrate it. The answers at the back of the book served as motivation to move on, and 'evidence' that the teacher/students are right, and so can move on at their own pace. This would be inside as well as outside the classroom. What is left to be marked by the teacher is the periodical assesments.
The joy experienced by students in marking a problem RIGHT, can only be immagined and when this 'joy' is left to the teacher alone, it is not fair.

The 5 Minute Marking Plan | @TeacherToolkit

They respond to teachers' marking with written comments to demonstrate they have understood the points that have been made about their work."

Whitmore Primary School, Hackney (2013)

How marking has impact...
My 'shortcuts' to smart marking
Other tips
Students read out green boxes in class to ensure completion.
Students review partner's green box and comment, or recommend for peer review.
Take home 5-10 books for marking, this is a manageable number!
Select 1 key piece from the week to mark using TPGG.
Peer marking
Self Marking
Group marking
Why do we need to mark?
Smart Marking
'Ofsted inspections are making
judgements about the quality of
teaching over time.'

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