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State of NJ Patient Bill of Rights

By responding to this opposition and following through on the broadly expressed desire for amendments that emerged during the ratification process, the Bill of Rights helped to secure broad political support for the new national government. A first major domestic issue had been successfully resolved.

While the Bill of Rights created no deep challenge to federal authority, it did respond to the central Anti-Federalist fear that the Constitution would unleash an oppressive central government too distant from the people to be controlled.

Rights and Protections Guaranteed in the Bill of Rights

Volume 5, Bill of Rights, Document 7

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While the Bill of Rights has English lineage (e.g., Magna Carta, John Locke), the uniqueness of America gave the Constitution unique characteristics. The original Constitution of 1787, drafted three years after the end of the American Revolutionary War, did not include such instructions. Many Anti-Federalists believed that including only a partial list of liberties(freedom from ex post facto laws and the writ of habeas corpus) suggested the loss of other liberties. In 1789, James Madison authored the Bill of Rights, deriving content from the earlier works of George Mason. Three years later, Virginia ratified ten of the twelve proposed amendments, which are the Bill of Rights we enjoy today.

In Canada, the rights of individuals are protected under the Canadian Bill of Rights that applies to both federal, as well as provincial territories. These governments are served with the responsibility of protecting rights and freedom of individuals, but also have the power to legislate with an aim of protecting the human rights even at provincial levels considering power to do so is delegated by the federal government. The Bill of rights that was established in 1960 was the first federal law to protect the rights and freedom of its citizens. Rights protected under this law include areas such as employment, provision of services, commercial premises, legal rights and many more. Additionally to this Bill, all the provincial territories have laws that prohibit discrimination in areas such as employment, services provision and facilities where equal rights should be adhered. However, these rights are limited considering they fall under the provincial territories and only qualify as laws, which can be repealed. The human rights of Canadians were protected in the constitution when the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom was enacted.

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The Bill of Rights was created to protect, promote plurality, autonomy and the freedom of choice much like the philanthropic sector allows citizens to exercise individual initiative and support democratic ideals; a backbone of our society. Nonprofit organizations serve the needs of different groups, whether they are of a political, economic, social, or religious nature, and allow members to profess and exercise their individual liberties, as granted by the first ten amendments.

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She added: “Many witnesses thought that restricting the scope of the Human Rights Act would lead to an increase in reliance on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in UK courts, which has stronger enforcement mechanisms. This seemed to be a perverse consequence of a bill of rights intended to give human rights greater UK identity.

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Learn About the United States (U.S.) Bill of Rights

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James Madison: Madison, a lawyer and the 4 th president, co-authored the Federalist Papers. He is often viewed as the "Father of the Constitution" and composer of the Bill of Rights.

Primary Source Documents - Bill of Rights Institute

Benjamin Franklin: Franklin was a printer, scholar, philosopher, inventor, philanthropist, and Founding Father. He was a co-signer of the Bill of Rights.

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George Mason: Mason, a statesman and patriot, created the Virginia Declaration of Rights, a precursor to the Bill of Rights drafted by James Madison.

State of NJ Patient Bill of Rights

The Magna Carta (1215) (Latin: "great charter") was a historic English document that outlined certain rights and established the notion of limited government. With the support of the church, a group of English citizens forced King John to sign the document..

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The Anti-Federalists was a political colonial group opposed to centralized federal control outlined by the Federalist party. To balance the score, the Anti-Federalists initiated the Bill of Rights which provided more liberties to individuals and states.

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“We heard evidence that the devolved administrations have serious concerns about the plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. If the devolved parliaments withheld their consent to a British bill of rights it might very well end up as an English bill of rights, not something we think the government would want to see.

15 Facts About the Bill of Rights

Originally, the protections were solely meant to limit the federal government, but with the fourteenth amendment's guarantee in 1868 that no state could deprive its citizens of the protections in the Bill of Rights this original view began to be expanded. To this day the has not definitively decided if the entire Bill of Rights should always be applied to all levels of government.


More sweepingly, the extension of the Bill of Rights to protect individuals from abuse not only by the federal government, but also from state and local governments remains an unsettled aspect of Constitutional interpretation.

Bill of Rights: Alexander Hamilton, Federalist, no

The Bill of Rights remains an active force in contemporary American life as a major element of . The meaning of its protections remains hotly debated. For example, the privilege to bear arms to support a militia, which appears in the second amendment, produces significant political controversy today.

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